According to Iran’s Tasnim News Agency, Fatemeh Rahbar, which was a newly-elected member of the Iranian Parliament, has also died of Corona-virus inflection.

Rahbar, 56, had just won a seat in the parliament in the most recent vote in February. She tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this week and was admitted to a Tehran hospital.

However, her condition quickly worsened and she went into a coma on Thursday before passing away the next day. Rahbar was the first female politician in Iran to die from Corona-virus.

On Friday, Iran’s Ministry of Health reported that the number of confirmed cases had jumped by 1,234 over just one day and had almost reached 4,800. The national Corona-virus death toll had increased to 124 over the same period.

After Italy, China and South Korea, Iran has the most people killed by the deadly virus, which will hold the world in a tight grip for the entire 2020 year.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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