Since Juanito Guaido declared himself Venezuela’s interim president, the US headquarters in Washington has exponentially increased the evil economic propaganda and sanction campaign against the social democratic government in Caracas.

It echoes the bombastic & hollow humanitarian-crisis type of war propaganda which has been used repeatedly in resource-rich nations, from Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya to Syria. And now we’re seeing it in Venezuela.

The regime-change recipe is straight forward: demonize the leadership and those who defend the country; support an opposition that is inevitably violent and whitewash their violent crimes.

Sanction, bribe and extort the elected government & attack the infrastructure to create unbearable conditions for the civilians, supported by fake news about humanitarian issues.

Possibly wage false flag incidents to incriminate the government, control the financial narrative through the IMF and insist that intervention is necessary for the well-being of the people.

In Libya, black Africans are being sold as slaves in a country devastated by Western fake humanitarianism and bombings.

However, this time the evil plan did not worked out for the Anglo Zio-Nazi swamp to prepare for a military invasion.

Even the new NATO play-card military base in Colombia turned bitterly sour. Hybrid warfare by the Russians blocked the American regime from totally destroying the oil-rich Latin American country.

The opposition was used to create an exodus into Colombia, Brazil en the Dutch Caribbean ABC Islands. After about four million mostly traitors left the country, the Venezuelan election results turned out in favor for Maduro to extend his presidency.

In the meanwhile Russia deployed its best weaponry to Venezuela in order to protect it against a possible US military invasion. S-300 systems now defend the most vulnerable locations, while tanks, submarines and fighter jets supported the Bolivarian Republic.

Venezuela has for years been defiantly resisting the economic and propaganda wars, led by the USA and Canada, as well as coup d’état and assassination attempts, only to see the anti-Venezuela rhetoric once again ramped up in recent months.

In spite of the wreckage trail that America’s regime change efforts have left over the decades throughout Latin America and the world, when comparing tactics against these countries and now again against Venezuela, some people surprisingly insist that this time it is different?

Venezuela is not Syria, they say, but they ignore the West’s murderous sanctions against Venezuela and the propping up of the violent ‘opposition — an opposition that has burned civilians alive — as well as the millions of dollars spent supporting it.

The USA has threatened Venezuela’s allies, including Cuba and Russia, bizarrely claiming Russia was intervening in Venezuela without the government’s consent, a claim which runs contrary to the bilateral agreement Russia and Venezuela have.

Venezuela’s ambassador to Russia, Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa says that as a result of the economic embargo imposed by the USA and IMF from 2015 the financial damages to Venezuelan economy totaled $130 billion.

In any case, like Syria, Venezuela will not be overtaken so easily, with its armed forces  of 200,000 and its nearly 2 million militias preparing to defend their land.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019. 

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02-03-20 01:26

American gangsters operate the same wherever they go?