Newly leaked information reveals that representatives from the top alcohol companies in the USA spent money on bribing members of Congress to derail the legalization of Cannabis.

When one compares the effects of marihuana to alcohol, there really is no competition. To begin with, alcohol is responsible for approximately 88,000 deaths in the United States each year and marijuana 0.

In addition, people can die from overdosing on alcohol but that is nearly impossible with the use of marijuana, while alcohol use damages peoples’ brains, cannabis does not harm the body. It’s also pertinent to note that according to research, alcohol is by far the more addictive substance.

Sadly, the average individual in America has not been informed of these facts and still believes that marijuana is a “gateway” drug to harder substances down the road. This is mainly because the corrupted U.S. government has blatantly lied about cannabis – and its multitude of uses – for decades in a row.

The widespread use of cannabis as a medicine can be traced back thousands of years, where early Chinese doctors used the herb as an anesthetic by reducing the plant powder and mixing it with wine for administration before surgery.

In Egypt, the plant was utilized to treat a range of illnesses, including hemorrhoids. And in India, cannabis was commonly relied upon to treat a variety of ailments, including insomnia, headaches, GI disorders and pain.

Until the early 1900’s in the United States, it was still considered perfectly acceptable to grow and harvest cannabis. Things took a turn for the worse, however, when fear of the herb arose during the Great Depression and Marijuana was suddenly banned in over 20 states.

According to recently exposed information by WikiLeaks, the result of the alcohol industry bribing officials to discredit and trash the herb, resulted in banning the use of cannabis.

According to Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA), “There is currently no scientific consensus regarding the level at which marijuana consumption impairs a driver and no effective way to measure this impairment in the field.

This is problematic for law enforcement who, in contrast, can quickly and effectively establish a scientifically and legally-supported measure of alcohol impairment.”

Many believe that the alcohol industry is aware that as recreational use of marijuana becomes legal and less taboo, more people are likely to opt for the herb rather than sacrifice their health and sanity of mind with spirits.

This will lead to diminishing profits for beer, wine and liquor manufacturers and sellers.

Another enemy against cannabis in the field of public health care are the lucrative  pharmaceutical products. Without question, the destruction of roads and highways in the U.S. is a critical issue, but the topic of “marijuana-impaired driving” is vastly misunderstood.

No one should be driving while impaired by marijuana says the law, but instead we should certainly be doing more research into all aspects of the substance, including its impact on driving a vehicle.

The government in Washington would do better to fund research on how to decrease drunk driving.

However, given that driving under the influence of marijuana is already illegal and that the existing research shows marijuana’s effect on driving ability is significantly less than alcohol, it is difficult to see a legitimate reason for the alcohol industry to be taking up this issue.

And, the WSWA also failed to mention that in 2011, a study found a reduction in traffic fatalities in states that had legalized medical marijuana.

However, a number of smarter countries in the world legalized the natural substance in order to decrease crime, leading a lower law enforcement budget and lower health bills.

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16-10-21 18:39

Companies make more profits when people are kept sick.