Bars, cafes, and all but the most essential stores will close in the Netherlands until mid-January, as the Netherlands goes into hard lock down, ignoring democratic freedom in a bid to slow the spread of the Omicron variant.

The new restrictions were announced by the draconian government on Saturday evening, after an emergency meeting of Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s cabinet that afternoon. The lock down was recommended by the government’s fabricated Outbreak Management Team.

As of Sunday morning, all stores, services, and hospitality venues will close until January 14, save for a few essential outlets like supermarkets and pharmacies. Protest will also be forbidden during the imposed lock down.

Bars and cafes will shut, and restaurants will provide take-out meals only. Schools, many of which are already closed earlier for Christmas, will close their doors.

Officially, those celebrating Christmas at home will be subject to restrictions, too. However, the airline industry can continue operations and therefore is able to transport its vacation travelers to their escape destinations in the Caribbean.

Throughout the lock down, a maximum of two visitors per household will apply. Exceptions will be made for Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, the latter a day typically celebrated in the Netherlands with drinks, parties, and home fireworks.

The Netherlands has been under partial lock down since late November, with face masks required in most settings and “non-essential locations” forced to close between 5 PM and 5 AM.

However, the new restrictions mark the sharpest curbs on freedom and socialization since the country entered a hard lock down this time last year. Medical Apartheid @ work?

Omicron coronavirus Variant Symptoms, Treatment & Covid-19 ...

And while the new measures are ostensibly being taken to curb the spread of the highly transmissible and apparently vaccine-resistant Omicron variant of Covid-19, early data suggests that this new variant causes significantly milder symptoms than previous strains.

The Netherlands is not the only European country to reimpose restrictions over the variant, however. In Britain, ministers will reportedly propose a post-Christmas lock down and in Denmark, leaders announced a raft of new restrictions on stores and hospitality venues.

In Ireland on Friday, the government announced earlier closing times for pubs and restaurants to last until the end of January, while Austria started this new fascist episode.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Travel News 2021.

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18-12-21 17:31

Western Europe is compromised by khazar Jew bankers

Nick Sofronas
Nick Sofronas
18-12-21 17:32

If the people are dumb enough to go along with the lock down and it’s restrictions then we deserve what we get then, don’t we.

Reply to  Nick Sofronas
18-12-21 17:35

It’s an IQ test?

Melotte 22
18-12-21 17:35

Good to see how efficient those “vaccines’ are.