The fiery Yellow Vest protests that rage on across France have more to do with the “incompetent,” EU-dependent government policy than the rising gas prices.

While many protesters vent their anger at President Emmanuel Macron, who took an unpopular decision to raise taxes and increase prices on fuel and other commodities, but they don’t realize the problem is much deeper and has to do with the general policy of the European Union.

On the back of massive rallies, President Emmanuel Macron said he will not back down on his controversial economic policy.

And in France, to give 40 billion euro’s to CAC-40 companies and other big firms, Macron repealed the tax for the super-rich (ISF). Yes, for this, there’s a lot of money. But to restore our public services, none !

However, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has announced a six-month suspension of the fuel tax hike which triggered massive unrest across the country, saying the measure is aimed at stopping the violence and restoring public order.

Philippe said the protests represented “the anger of the France that works hard and struggles to make ends meet.” Despite the concessions, he slammed covert rioters who defended themselves against the aggressive police, saying they will be found and put on trial.

Dubbed the Yellow Vest movement, the protests have been taking place every week since November 17. The rallies steadily snowballed into major clashes between police and protesters, with the violence reaching levels unseen in France in decades.

On November 24, the Yellow Vest rallies in Paris quickly descended into chaos turning city streets into a ‘war zone’. French police have made hundreds of arrests. More than 130 people were injured, including some 23 police officers.

Numerous cars and trash bins were torched, and windows were smashed, after police attacked protesters with chemical tear gas and water cannons. / ABC Flash Point Riot News 2018.

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