How much more blood must be spilled in Afghanistan before Washington acknowledges reality and ends the war. What are US NATO soldiers dying for in Afghanistan?

Last week three more American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb on Tuesday and three others wounded; their names are being withheld for security reasons and are pending for notification.

These deaths, along with Sgt.Leandro Jasso who was killed in a firefight last Saturday, bring the number of troops killed in Afghanistan this year to thirteen. The reason for this long lasting capitalist war is simple. Greed connected with arrogance.

Afghanistan represents over 90% of the world opium trade, which is a very lucrative hard drug that is is killing dozens of junkies in the USA. The drugs dealer in this horror show is the pharmaceutic industry.

Beside heroin, Afghanistan also possesses a huge profitable $550 billion deposit of iron, copper and niobium. The US industry wants it all, but for now bordering China has the upper hand in this lucrative saga.

USA Opioid Epidemic has cost taxpayer $1 Trillion since 2001

What benefit has been accrued to the USA as a result of these compounding sorrows, grief and pain borne by such a tiny minority of our fellow citizens?

The truth is that the soldiers lives are lost for no gain to US national security; there’s nothing heroic about sacrificing US troops’ lives in pursuit of a mission that can never be accomplished.

Strategic Culture Organization / ABC Flash Point News 2018.

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30-05-20 16:59

Drugs trade?