Thousands of Serbians have taken to the streets again in protest against their president, Aleksandar Vucic, as his allies planned a major counter-rally to coincide with a visit from Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Putin understands that there is a secret cabal above the elected rulers of the world and they have very clear goals for the near future.

They fear they are losing control, and nothing would be more valuable to them than removing Putin as President of Russia and installing a patsy in his place.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin got a hero’s welcome in Belgrade.

The failed plots against Putin comes as the New World Order realize their recent attempts to smear and discredit him have backfired. We had the Panama Papers leak and the American establishment and mainstream media’s attempt to smear Putin.

The day Jacob Rothschild declared Putin “a traitor to the New World Order” was the day Putin realized his security would need to be extra tight.

The first murder attempt on Putin’s life was while the president was attending the funeral of Anatoly Sobchak in St. Petersburg, on February 24, 2000.

The second attempt was made during an informal summit of the CIS presidents, held in the Russian city of Yalta from August 18-19, 2000. Four Chechens and several nationals from the Middle East countries were arrested after receiving a tip.

The third attempt was to have been made during President Putin’s official visit to Azerbaijan on January 9-10, 2002. Azeri security services foiled the attempt.About ten days before the start of the visit, the Azeri security agencies had learned about the delivery of explosives to Azerbaijan.

In the fourth attempt Ivan Zaitzev was going to cut off the head of President Putin. After his arrest he told his psychiatrists that he had seen Putin as a German spy who led Russia to Nazism.

Not unlike the previous attempt, the fifth one came to naught, when 40 kilos of explosives were discovered at a time when President Putin was supposed to be on the highway while going back from Kremlin to his residence outside Moscow.

The president’s motorcade took a detour for him to escape again.

During the 6th attempt a handmade explosive device was found on the highway connecting St. Petersburg and Pskov on June 23, 2003, several hours before the president’s motorcade was supposed to take the road.

A local policeman discovered the device by chance while patrolling the road at night. The device was hidden away in a bag placed under an overpass.

For the 7th attempt, according to an article published by the British newspaper The Sunday Times several years ago, the British police foiled a conspiracy aimed at the assassination of President Putin during one of his foreign trips.

The threats against the Russian president are absolutely real. Many extremist and terrorist organizations have long threatened to kill the president.

ABC Flash Point Russia News 2019.

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18-02-21 01:29

His complete entourage is sleeping at the graveyard?

18-09-23 21:57

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Richard Kaz
Richard Kaz
19-11-23 18:26

The killed all of Putin’s Security people multiple times over!