Venezuela has adopted the Petro Crypto currency for international trade to avoid the choking US sanctions introduced by Washington and the IMF.

Venezuela expects its petro cryptocurrency to break the criminal economic blockade imposed by the IMF and the USA on the Bolivarian republic to destroy the oil-rich economy.

The move is an important instrument for the national liberation. This way Caracas can sabotage the fascist measures forced upon the republic by evil Anglo-Zio entities. In the meanwhile Colombia has facilitated the USA with a NATO-base to prepare for another hostile military invasion.

Since August 20, Venezuela has had two currenciespetro and the sovereign bolivar, which was introduced to replace the bolivar over its hyperinflation caused by falling oil prices and general economic crisis in the country. The bolivar also remains in use for the transition period.

The introduction pf the Petro is an opportunity for all global operators of crypto’s to carry out transactions in the country without fear of persecution. This alternative also opens back the doors for medical supplies to be imported.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that the country had launched a national blockchain of the petro cryptocurrency.

According to the country’s leader, the new measures enable any Venezuelan to register in the blockchain and acquire petro for convertible currency.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Economic Liberation News 2018.

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New Wave
New Wave
28-02-21 20:52

The new lifelines the evil US regime is not able to lay sanctions on?