Venezuelan security forces killed seven Colombian militants in an armed clash on the border between the two countries.“Seven Colombian paramilitaries, including five men and two women were killed in the clash.

The confrontation took place in the area of Tachira’s municipality of Urenya. Venezuelan security forces seized seven firearms, a grenade, three cars and three motorcycles from the US-backed mercenaries.

Minister of Urban Agriculture, Freddy Bernal was appointed the so-called “protector” of the Tachira region by Venezuelan central authorities to spite the opposition-minded governor.

There are about 3 million Colombians living Venezuela, making a business from selling subsidized foods and oil meant for the Venezuelan citizens. The USA has deployed a NATO military base near the border with Brazil and Colombia in order to support the uprise against Maduro to confiscate and annex the countries lucrative minerals.

The 1,370-mile border between Venezuela and Colombia is the footprint of smugglers and drug mafias that bypass the official checkpoints. Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro has repeatedly blamed Colombian mafia groups for undermining his country’s economy.

The border was closed for a year from August 2015 by Maduro’s decree after smugglers’ attack on the military. In August 2016, the two countries agreed to gradually reopen the border.

Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world, valued at trillions of dollars, while the country also needs to protect the second largest global gold deposits against the hostile gringo invaders.

ABC Flash Point Latin America News 2018.

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