Caracas will send ships and aircraft to ensure five Iranian tankers, said to be loaded with some 1.5 million barrels of oil, make it safely to Venezuelan shores amid reports the USA is seeking to hinder the delivery.

When they enter our exclusive economic zone, they will be escorted by Bolivarian National Armed Forces boats and planes to welcome them in and thank the Iranian people for their solidarity and cooperation.

Venezuela’s Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López said that the five Iranian-flagged vessels expected to bring some much-needed fuel to Venezuela in late May or early June.

Washington signaled it might interfere with the vessels’ passage, with one official telling Reuters last week that the US regime has been “looking at measures that can be taken,” while calling the pending delivery “unwelcome” by the USA and by the region as a whole.

More than US$30 billion were illegally diverted from Venezuela in two months, the country’s communications and information minister has revealed, accusing the USA of orchestrating the hostile banking operation.

If the Iranian fuel tankers make it to the Venezuelan ports, the US military will probably invade the oil-rich Latin American country right away. US soldiers have arrived @ Curaçao airport on nightly flights so the population cannot see the troop movements?

The US regime will get support from British, French and Dutch troops that are present in the neighbor hood, either on camouflaged converted cruise ships or on amphibious landing dock ships that are prowling in the vicinity of the Caribbean waters.

Both Caracas and Tehran have been targeted by crippling US sanctions, which hit oil sales particularly hard. Oil revenue makes up some 98% of Venezuela’s total export earnings.

Even though it has the world’s largest proven oil reserves, Venezuela has had to declare an “energy emergency” in February, to shield its oil industry from “imperialist aggression” in the form of warlike US sanctions.

After recognizing opposition figurehead Juanito Guaido as Venezuela’s ‘interim president’ last year, the US has ramped up its economic onslaught against the government of President Nicolas Maduro.

These flurry of punitive extortion measures, include freezing billions in assets of Venezuela’s oil giant PdVSA and directing frozen funds to the bribed opposition.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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21-05-20 22:07

If the US coalition will start a war against, there will be many Zionist casualties among the hostile invaders.

22-05-20 22:11

Venezuela has so much gold and oil that all the Global players are hanging around, playing poker. One might wonder who has the best hand needed for glory.