The Pentagon has been developing cyber weapons, which would be capable of harming humans in the real world.  This new type of digital weapon was sanctioned under the Pentagon’s Law of War manual, under the section named ‘Cyber Operations’.

Once the half-billion-dollar computer code has been developed, US troops will be able to launch ‘logic bombs’ on-line, which have the power to destroy an enemy’s critical infrastructure, with likely loss of human life.

Just as with traditional bombs and weaponry, cyber-strikes will be allowed if they have a proper legal basis, in order not to violate jus ad bellum (Latin for “right to war”) prohibitions on the resort to force.

These are essentially the same rules as for attacks employing traditional bombs or bullets.

Similarly, cyber operations that cripple a military’s logistics systems, and thus its ability to conduct and sustain military operations, might also be considered a use of force under jus ad bellum.

US Cyber Command (US CYBERCOM), responsible for the development of the deadly cyber weapons, is set to outsource to industry all command mission support activities, including “cyber fires” planning, as well as “cyberspace joint munitions” assessments.

Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin – major US defense contractors — are among the companies for the $460 million contract.

News Punch / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.

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02-08-20 13:57

Depopulation agenda 2030?