During a meeting between Venezuela and the Dutch Caribbean statesthe countries reached an agreement to lift the trade ban with the so-called ABC islands imposed by the neighboring Latin American country due to smuggling practices.

The talks were not easy because theUS military, based @ Hato, Curacao violates Venezuelan airspace all the time, forcing Russian built Venezuelan Sukhoi fighter jets to keep escorting the US Air Force planes away.

But all parties (Aruba, the Netherlands on behalf of Bonaire and Curacao) had one objective, which was to resolve the ongoing situation. The dollar will collapse soon, so the trespassers are trying to steal whatever they can from Venezuela.


The Dutch Minister of Security and Justice, Stef Blok promised Venezuela, that he would work on stopping the theft of the country’s minerals, and is glad that the refugee crisis for the islands is over.

Now the islands can start sending thousands of Venezuelans back to oil rich South American nation. Curacao voters are tired of corruption and declining living standards, giving away local properties to foreign business gangsters that avoid paying taxes! taxes!

With 16.000 Dominicans, 20.000 Haitians, 30.000 Chinese and an estimated 14.000 Colombians enslaved, human trafficking became a major source for criminal income.

Facing a raft of problems including organized crime, growing violence, deepening poverty, an upcoming health care crisis and rampant corruption — voters in Curacao are preparing to abandon the narco state government.

In Caracas, the involved politicians and diplomats agreed on implementing new rules, that apply to better import and export regulations for the countries involved, in order to avoid further gold and diamond smuggling operations.

The Curacao floating market now hopes to re-open, in order to sell cheap agricultural export products to continue support the local islanders again.

Venezuela also operates a leased oil refinery plant on the island of Curacao, which seems to be taken over by Chinese energy investors in 2019.

ABC Political Media / AA Magnum Analyst Blog News 2018.

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25-02-20 19:26

Venezuela will be blamed for everything that goes wrong on the island. Tourism, development, poverty and so on.

Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
Anglo Zio-Nazi Swamp
01-03-20 13:06

The Dutch invaders cut off the islands lifelines

14-03-20 22:49

Maduro and his government must be derailed B4 the oil gets privatized?

Albert Heijn
18-06-20 21:20

Venezuela re-opens the border, but told the government in Curacao that they have to stop the massive smuggle of gold from their country.

Jan Klaas
Jan Klaas
Reply to  Albert Heijn
18-06-20 21:23

Now the new route of smuggling gold out of Venezuela is through Bonaire, where the KLM picks up the good and to hop it over to Amsterdam?