Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Monday that authorities have captured 13 “terrorists”, including two US citizens he described as mercenaries, over allegations that they were involved in a failed plot to invade the country and oust him.

In a state television address, Maduro showed what he said were the passports and other identification cards of Airan Berry and Luke Denman, who he described as employees of Silvercorp, a Florida-based company whose owner has claimed responsibility for the invasion attempt.

Defense Minister Padrino Lopez gave a press conference praising the armed forces’ response to the paramilitary attack. (TeleSur)

US mercenary Jordan Goudreau suggested in an interview yesterday that he released this video after Guaido dishonored their contract. Miami-based JJ Rendon consults for a who’s who of right-wing pro-US pols & has been tied to election hacking & sabotage.

The witness to the contract between Goudreau and Guaido happens to be the former attorney for Tony Hernandez, the brother of US-backed Honduran Pres. Juan Orlando Hernandez who was convicted by a US federal judge of large-scale narco-trafficking.

The Venezuelan government said that more than 25,000 troops have been mobilized to hunt for other rebels operating in the country. In the meanwhile, Dutch, British and French expeditionary troops are waiting to follow suit and invade the country.

A second group of combatants were captured off Chuao, Aragua State on Monday. (RCamachoVzla)

Two former US veterans that were taken into Venezuelan custody served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Goudreau said the men were part of an alleged mission called “Operation Gideon” launched before dawn on Sunday that entailed landing boats on the beach.

The incident reportedly took place in the early morning hours, with armed men on speed boats approaching coastal La Guaira State, just north of Caracas. Unfortunately Maduro is well protected by different special military forces including those from Cuba.

The group of terrorist mercenaries, recruited, organized and trained in Colombia, tried to disembark with war material off the coast of La Guaira,” a statement released by the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) read.

Sunday’s failed incursion came on the heels of an Associated Press report revealing that former US Special Operations soldier Jordan Goudreau had played a leading role in a plan to invade Venezuela led by retired Venezuelan Major General Cliver Alcala.

US green beret Jordan Goudreau was responsible for training a contingent of 300 Venezuelan army deserters who were to enter Venezuela in a heavily armed caravan and seize the capital within 96 hours.

But Maduro still controls all levers of power despite a US-led campaign to oust him. It recently falsely indicted Maduro as a drug trafficker and offered a $15 million reward for his arrest.

Goudreau said the two were waiting for a boat on the Caribbean island of Aruba with emergency fuel to help extract them.

Maduro ally and Attorney General Tarek William Saab said that the regime has arrested 114 people suspected in the attempted attack and they are on the hunt of 92 others.

The President’s ASSASSINATION was ultimate goal of US/Colombia-staged mercenary invasion of Venezuela. But again the evil plot to kill Maduro failed big time.

Maduro did not specify what government agency the Americans may have worked for, though the remark carried by his office appeared to suggest that they may have served on US President Donald Trump’s security detail.

Officials in Venezuela’s government accuse Colombia and the USA of organizing and carrying out the attack aiming to overthrow Maduro.

Thirteen alleged infiltrators were arrested after the attempted incursion, Caracas says, while eight men were shot dead in the showdown.

ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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05-05-20 11:48

Again the evil US administration was involved in killing other nations presidents.