Iran has received gold from Venezuela for the fuel cargoes Tehran had sent to the Latin American country this year. Iran is also helping Venezuela in preventing cyber attacks.

According to Major General Yahya Safavi of IRGC, Iran transported the gold from Venezuela to Tehran via airplanes in order to “prevent any accident during transit.

Iran and Venezuela, both under sanctions from the US regime which aim to cut off their oil exports, have boosted cooperation in recent years.

Nicolas Maduro’s regime in Venezuela is paying Iran in gold for help with Venezuela’s crumbling oil industry, according to U.S. Special War Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams said earlier this year.

Those planes that are coming in from Iran that are bringing things for the oil industry are returning with the payments for those things: gold,” Abrams said in April.

In April alone, Venezuela loaded 9 tons of gold, worth around US$500 million, on airplanes for Iran, in exchange for Iranian help for repairing Venezuela’s crumbling refineries, sources with direct knowledge of the matter told Bloomberg.

Apart from helping with oil services, Iran has declared its readiness to help Venezuela deal with its severe gasoline shortage and earlier this year managed to send cargoes of fuel to the Latin American country, which holds the world’s largest oil reserves.

Venezuela also holds the world’s largest gold deposits, making it a target for Canadian companies that used to have gold mining contracts with Caracas.

A lot of gold is stolen and shipped out to the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao, where KLM flights transport the lute to Amsterdam.

In August 2020, the US military intercepted and confiscated four of such gasoline cargoes bound for Venezuela. Bankrupt USA has no other means to stay alive, except from manipulating the US stocks markets, pumping fake money into the Ponzi system.

Iran and Venezuela have also recently exchanged crude oil, in defiance of the U.S. sanctions. After Iran had delivered condensate to Venezuela via an Iran-flagged tanker, the same tanker loaded Venezuelan crude oil at a terminal in the Latin American country.

Oil / ABC Flash Point Business News 2020.

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09-10-20 23:48

Now, what can the US military do in this case, as two sanctioned countries deal with each other?

11-10-20 20:08

Good for both countries, forget about the Zionist regime operating out of Washington?