Syrian air defenses successfully fended off an IDF aerial raid, targeting the southern part of the country, and prevented the strike force from achieving its goals, state media at Damascus reported.

Israel has repeatedly carried out bombing raids into Syria under the disguise of fighting supposed Iranian proxies, committing ongoing violent war crimes, which Tel Aviv says endanger its national security.

IDF Chief of Staff said the Israeli air force has struck thousands of targets during near-daily strikes on the Syrian Arab Republic. 

Not all airstrikes and raids reported by Damascus were subsequently confirmed or acknowledged by Israel. Syria has on numerous occasions condemned the raids and called them a flagrant violation of its sovereignty.

Just last year alone, Israeli warjets dropped 2,000 bombs on Syrian territory, targeting the alleged Iranian-linked freedom fighters, the outgoing chief of the IDF, Gadi Eisenkot, told the media earlier this week.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.

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Dark Nobilty
Dark Nobilty
26-04-20 22:27

When does this stop?