International delegates, who were part of the First International Meeting of Working Class in Venezuela in a massive march against the U.S. economic blockade, took the streets of downtown Caracas.

Venezuela can not allow the United States to arrive and annex public properties. We must make an international call to all countries to unite in defense of our independence.

The delegate of the National Front of Popular Resistance of Honduras, José Luis Macherano, called to let “the people make their own decisions without interference from US imperialism.”

The representative of the United States, Berlina Hernández, expressed her support for the people of Venezuela and denounced the persecution of immigrants living on American soil.

The United States was build of European and other global migrants, including Donald Trump. The history shows us the way to unite against mind control, racism and secular Apartheid.

ABC Flash Point Latin News 2019.

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Baroc Bordello
Baroc Bordello
14-12-20 00:31

Only to get more terror threats in their countries?