Legendary Sex Pistols front-man Johnny Rotten has warned that America is collapsing under Biden because of the ‘woke’ crap being embraced by the Democratic Party.

You have a Democrat party that doesn’t respect anything but the latest delusional fashion trend and that’s to the destruction of America, Rotten, also known as John Lydon, told the UK Times in a recent interview.

Lydon slammed the Democrats’ and “mainstream media” accusation that the GOP is the party of “rednecks.” Especially in the era of Trump, Republicans are just regular working people,” and not the “redneck, toting, moronic race haters” that liberals claim.

Four solid years of CNN hatred has done a lot of damage to this country. He’s not a politician and why should he be; we’ve all had enough of politicians. Now I don’t want a politician running this world anymore.

He’s an individual thinker, I’ll give him that for a start, Lydon said of Trump last October. He’s not the most lovable fellow on God’s earth, but I cannot see the opposition as offering me anything by way of a solution.

News Punch / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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Butch Gallo
Butch Gallo
02-05-21 19:19

As a 77 year old born in America DEMONRATS are out to destroy America Biden is a PUPPET and Obama directed by George Soros a FORMER NAZI and the Rothchilds are behind DESTROYING AMERICA TO MAKE AMERICA A COMMUNIST COUNTRY

Reply to  Butch Gallo
02-05-21 22:04

Where only the capitalist corporations benefit as usual?