The US military is behind China and Russia when it comes to hyper-sonic weapons, a top Space Force general has said, citing bureaucracy and concerns over spending as some of the reasons for the development of missile technology.

The USA is not as advanced as the Chinese or the Russians in terms of hyper-sonic programs,” General David Thompson, the vice chief of space operations, told an audience at the Halifax International Security Forum. We have catching up to do very quickly.

Thompson mentioned bureaucracy and concerns over spending as some of the reasons for the US lagging behind its competitors.

Hyper sonic missiles are viewed as cutting-edge technology because it is nearly impossible to track and intercept them due to their high speed and ability to change direction mid-flight.

The US Army plans to roll out a ground-launched, long-range hyper-sonic missile by the end of fiscal year 2023, while the navy is planning a ship-launched missile in 2025.

It has delayed the deployment of a submarine-launched option from 2025 to 2028. The US Air Force expects to have an air-launched missile next year.

A Russian submarine successfully test-fired the country’s cutting-edge Zircon hyper-sonic missile last month. The Financial Times reported that Beijing had tested a nuclear-capable hyper-sonic missile in August. China, however, said the report was untrue.

Thompson warned that China had “moved incredibly quick in space” in terms of its technological capabilities, such as GPS, communications, and satellites.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Technology News 2021.

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21-11-21 12:33


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21-11-21 12:37

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21-11-21 12:34

Capitalism always seek paying lowest wages, cutting corners outsourcing, subcontracting lowest bid, and segregation by race instead of hiring best engineer for job.

You get a product that takes 10x as long to make and always 100x more expensive since the executives micromanage with 6x more managers than engineers!!!

Nightmare having 6x managers who do nothing,unqualified and waste times in meetings.

21-11-21 12:36

The USA has already lost the weapons race with China/Russia. Like the soviets in the 80s we are too indebted to start a serious arms or space race at this point.

We lost our tech edge when we squandered decades of research and investment for 2 decades ( ongoing) of misadventures in middle east.

We diverted hundred of millions to counterinsurgency, Homeland Stupidity, and an anti terrorism security state.

The American public has clearly lost financially and the state has lost credibility on this change but it very clear that our “allies” and adversaries have gained.