The Pentagon is using leaks as a narrative management tool to cover up Nord Stream sabotage and shift blame away from the USA.

More importantly, to paper over the diplomatic problems within NATO of the US attacking an energy security pipeline of Germany, a NATO member, Mark Sleboda, an international relations and security analyst revealed.

Officials familiar with the situation, as reported by US media, revealed that Dutch military intelligence officials had informed the CIA prior to the bombings that a Ukrainian sabotage team loyal to General Valerii Zaluzhny was actively searching for a yacht along the Baltic coastline that would enable divers to plant explosives along the Nord Stream pipelines.

The security analyst suggests considering the possibility of believing a scenario where the USA and the Netherlands, specifically the Netherlands’ powerful intelligence operatives, were the ones who alerted the CIA about the alleged plan of the Ukrainians.

Mark Sleboda stressed that the Ukrainian government has been unable to provide accurate information regarding Zaluzhny’s whereabouts or convince anyone that he was alive and not seriously injured due to a previously reported Russian missile strike.

Comparing the situation to a common theme in movies, like in Schindler’s List where the Nazis interrogate Jewish slave laborers and they falsely point to a recently killed man, the expert acknowledges the possibility of believing the given scenario and proposes considering it as if we were all fifth graders.

If this were true, it would mean that the USA knew that their proxy intended an attack on the major energy infrastructure of an allied NATO member, did not tell them about it, and did nothing about it, except for advising Ukraine against doing it, which the later subsequently postponed upon the USA’s request.

On the contrary, the West has not implemented NATO’s Article 5 against Ukraine.

It continues to support Kiev with financial aid, weapons, and intelligence. The story about Zaluzhny is intended to mask any perceived differences between the United States and Germany, Sleboda believes.

The current German political elite, including Scholz, Baerbock, and others, are in favor of destroying the Nord Stream pipelines, despite not being the ones who initially supported its construction.

The security analyst suggests they prioritize maintaining the NATO alliance over their country’s reliance on Russian energy, regardless of potential costs to Germany’s economy and industry.

In September 2022, explosions targeted the Nord Stream pipelines, a crucial gas transportation system connecting Russia and Germany beneath the Baltic Sea.

The operator of the pipelines, Nord Stream AG, described the resulting damage as unprecedented and indicated that it was difficult to provide an estimate for the duration of repairs.

Denmark, Germany, and Norway have excluded Russia from their joint investigations into the incident, leading Moscow to initiate its own investigation, citing the charge of international terrorism.

While official investigation results are still pending, Pulitzer Prize-winning US investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published a report in February 2023, alleging that the USA, with the assistance of Norway, had orchestrated the explosions.

In response, Washington has vehemently denied any involvement in the attack.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Zionist terrorists blaming victims of the policies for the crimes committed/