Fresh from missing his Fourth of July goal for Covid-19 vaccinations, President Joe Biden plans to ramp up efforts to get more Americans inoculated by sending public health workers “door-to-door” now.

Now we need to go to community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and, oftentimes, door to door – literally knocking on doors – to get help to the remaining people.

Corona-virus “surge response teams” would also be mobilized to combat new outbreaks among the non-vaccinated.

Biden’s administration is aiming to make more localized efforts, especially in areas with relatively low vaccination rates, to get the jabs to more people.

For instance, it will partner with local pharmacies and family doctors to promote Covid-19 vaccines, and it will boost access to the shots at pediatrician offices.

As we shift from these centralized mass vaccination sites, we’re going to put even more emphasis to getting vaccinated in your community, close to home, conveniently at a location you’re already familiar with.

The new initiative comes after Biden fell short of his target of getting 70% of US adults vaccinated by Independence Day.

About 67% of American adults have taken at least one dose, meaning the Democrat president missed his goal by about 8 million people, according to CDC data.

The “surge response teams,” would be made up of “experts” from a number of federal agencies, including FEMA and the CDC, basically violating privacy rights.

They will help states to “prevent, detect, and respond to the spread of the Delta variant among non-vaccinated people in communities with low vaccination rates.

However, Florida congressional candidate Lavern Spicer reacted by saying, “sending Joe Biden’s Gestapo door-to-door to check up on non-vaccinated Americans is really a recipe for disaster.”

Biden’s comments reminded other observers of a famous statement by former President Ronald Reagan: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

RT. com / ABC Flash point News 2021.

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07-07-21 02:00

The global vaccinazi rate stalled @ 25%, so they have to ramp up the business.

07-07-21 02:01

All these vaccine promoters need to go to jail. Promoting any FDA not approved product is illegal, according to US law, even more so illegal by enticing the subject by false, incomplete and deceptive information ; never mind the Nuremberg code. That one would clearly call for a death sentence.

Reply to  US_did_911
07-07-21 02:04

comment image?itok=vtoQ1fac

Reply to  APB
07-07-21 02:06

Nobody should be taking the experimental drug, if they want that then it should be fully approved and they take liability if anything happens.

07-07-21 02:02

This is factual, and at this point in time all these vaccines lack full FDA approval.

There is a huge push on the FDA to fully approve these vaccines, so that may change, however, one simply needs to understand that all past vaccines, throughout history, have taken years and even decades to meet FDA approval.

So with that in mind, do not trust the FDA at this point should they suddenly fully approve these “trial” vaccines. Do not become part of the billions of human guinea pigs.