Venezuela is well aware the US regime is actually leading an effort to topple President Maduro, but is ready to sit down with the Western-backed opposition and could be doing so anytime soon.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza accused Washington of spearheading what he said an effort to overthrow democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro.

Adding to a US-led pressure for President Maduro to step aside, Spain, France, UK and Germany issued the elected leader an ultimatum, calling on Maduro to call for new elections within eight days?

First of all, it is interventionism to the highest degree. Secondly, it is arrogant, and, thirdly, it is artificial,” Arreaza commented. The Venezuelan government will scrutinize ties with countries who backed the opposition but will not put too much emphasis on it.

The Bolivarian democracy only requires recognition and support from Venezuelan people, other hostile governments are of little interest to the Venezuelan government.

Nevertheless, Caracas will keep the door open to any talks with pro-Western opposition led by Juan Guaido. The opposition leader declared himself interim president last week, garnering support or recognition from the USA and an array some other puppet nations.

Russia and Turkey were among those to denounce Guaidos’s move and said they would further recognize the elected leader Maduro.

Last December, the government was close to reaching a deal with the opposition but they walked out of the talks after consulting with the State Department. At any rate, Caracas stays ready to engage its opponents.

Caracas is currently engaged with the governments of Mexico and Uruguay on “daily” basis after both states offered their mediation services with the Pirates of the Caribbean

The government also remains in constant talks with the American-led domestic opposition, which continues to avoid any meaningful dialogue unless approved by the USA.

The Venezuelan horror show started after the IMF blocked the government trading in dollars. Later Washington derailed officials from Caracas representing the oil rich country by creating evil hostile sanctions, which led to the humanitarian disaster and the collapse of the Bolivar currency.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point Bribery News 2019. 

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