The US occupation forces leaving northern Syria have reportedly crossed into Iraq, where they will continue their seemingly endless military presence in the region instead of going home.

More than 100 armored vehicles were spotted entering Iraq from the Sahela border crossing in Dohuk province. An Iraqi Kurdish security source told the news service that US soldiers had moved into the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The so-called troop transfer is part of the Pentagon’s plan to move a battalion from northern Syria to western Iraq. It wasn’t yet decided if the US soldiers would carry out missions in Syria from their new home base in Iraq.

Before leaving their posts, the troops sabotaged a US base and landing strip in northern Syria, and destroyed equipment at another outpost, before relocating to war-torn Iraq.

The airfield in Syria’s Hasaka Province, located at the Turkish border, was capable of deploying large military transport planes and helicopters.

The Turkish military and the Kurdish forces are currently fighting not far from the location of the former base in Tell Tamer.

US President Donald Trump has ordered various US troops to leave Syria “as safely and quickly as possible”, so that they don’t get stuck between the warring parties.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Seven Deadly Sins
12-07-20 12:25

What are these troops doing over there?