The hostile US regime needs another bloody oil war against Iran, Venezuela or Syria in order to save its derailed debt infested economy. However, these are far from being the government’s only challenges.

The coalition will need to achieve results on a number of fronts, primarily in the sphere of health and economy.

COVID-19, which erupted in the USA at the end of March and which has claimed more than 57.000 lives, has also posed a serious economic challenge.

Shortly after the outbreak of the virus, the Zionist state announced a series of strict measures in a bid to contain the spread of the pandemic.

These included not only the lock down on entire towns and neighborhoods but also the shutting down of government institutions as well as medium and small businesses.

As a result, unemployment has skyrocketed. The latter figure is the absolute highest since the establishment of the USA.

Delivery will also need to be shown on the security front. During the campaigns the Democrats slammed Trump for his inability to cope with the challenge presented by Iran and Russia in Syria, Iraq and Libya and restore its deterrence capabilities.

Another item to dominate the agenda will be US President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” peace plan. Rolled out at the end of January, the initiative presupposed major land swaps and the extension of Israel’s sovereignty over the Jordan Valley.

This makes up some 30% of the predominantly Palestinian West Bank, a move that will anger the Palestinians and that might lead to a number of dire economic repercussions including international sanctions and the boycott of Israeli products.

Despite potential retribution, the duo is determined to go ahead with the plan, set for July 1st, not only because the promise they gave their voters and the bad aftertaste a u-turn on this plan might leave within the US administration.

But also because the extension of sovereignty could potentially serve as a tool “to right previous wrongs” by recognizing the country’s settlers as part of the Jewish state and bridging gaps between Israel’s left- and right-wing circles.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Not even printing fake money has helped the Washington crime rings?