The US Treasury Department announced that it had imposed sanctions on three individuals and 13 entities over their alleged financial support for Syrian President Bashar Assad, while militarily occupying most Syrian oil fields and refineries.

The sanctions targeted members of Foz’s family, as well as two Lebanon-based companies which it accused of helping Iranian oil make it in to Syria in violation of earlier US sanctions.

The US regime always blames others for their own atrocities, while bluntly stealing oil and other resources from Syria, to cripple the economy of a totally destroyed Arab state.

As the US hypocrisy serves their own evil diplomacy, the Zionist stooges in Washington bend over twice in order to serve the Anglo Zio-nazi swamp.

In the meanwhile the IDF keeps on pounding Syrian infrastructure to make sure Assad and Syria will never recover from the carpet bombing campaign that destroyed entire cities all together. An estimated 500.000 people got killed during the process?

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.


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