US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has said that the USA makes the world’s finest anti-air systems, but unfortunately failed to protect Saudi Arabia from a simple drone attack.

Washington was left red in the face after missiles and armed drones successfully penetrated Saudi airspace – which is guarded by an arsenal of fancy US-made Patriot systems – hitting the largest oil facility in the world.

Perhaps fearing that Riyadh might give the US defense system a 1-star review on Yelp, Pompeo used his master statesmanship to reassure loyal customers around the world that they didn’t spend billions of dollars on something that doesn’t actually work.

“We’ve seen air defense systems all around the world have mixed success. Some of the finest in the world don’t always pick things up,” Pompeo replied, dunking on all of the haters with facts and logic.

The Houthi freedom fighters in Yemen have claimed responsibility for the precision strike, and warned that more attacks could come at any moment.

Washington and Riyadh, however, have blamed Iran for producing the missiles that created the incident – an accusation that Tehran fiercely denies. The Patriot Missile System simply proves to be a joke compared to Russian missile systems.

Some years back Israel fired one Patriot missile which made a U turn and fell back on those who fired it. On another occasion Israel fired three Patriot missiles against one drone, and all three missed.

On the other hand, the Russian Pantzir AA system destroyed every single drone that was fired against the Russian Air Force base in Syria.

RT. com / AB Canada Flash Point News 2019.

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20-09-20 18:58

Stop buying arms from countries that destroy human kind in order to please the Zionist crime rings?