The United States has begun a training program for the Ukrainian Air Force in the use of F-16 fighters. Several European NATO countries participate in this program.

Denmark, Holland, Poland, Norway, Belgium, and Portugal. Other countries have offered to help with the training. The same countries will supply Ukraine with F-16 fighters. They are conventional dual-capable and nuclear fighters.

An F-16 aircraft was used in the B61-12 nuclear bomb test firing, which the USA is already deploying in Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Probably, the B61-12 bombs are also supplied by the USA to Poland.

Polish F-16 fighters have been participating in NATO nuclear attack exercises since 2014.

There is a deep suspicion based on precise facts, that US nuclear weapons have also been deployed in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, or could be rapidly sent to their territories and also to that of Poland.

These countries participate in the Baltic air patrol, close to Russian territory, with dual conventional and nuclear capability aircraft.

In addition, US strategic bombers, certified to carry nuclear weapons, are engaged in exercises over the Baltic Sea and other areas adjacent to Russian territory.

After having unsuccessfully proposed negotiations to the USA and NATO to reduce the risk of a nuclear conflict in Europe, Moscow is deploying tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus in a position close to the USA-NATO nuclear bases in Europe in agreement with Minsk.

The USA-NATO escalation against Russia brings Europe ever closer to the threshold of nuclear war. The political-media complex falls a curtain of silence on all this as not to alarm European public opinion and prevent it from reacting.

Global Research California / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Kidnapped by the System
Kidnapped by the System
14-06-23 14:16

Russia must be destroyed, or else the Zionist community will come to an end?

Reply to  Kidnapped by the System
14-06-23 16:16

Zionist dogma actually says it wants the world to be destroyed and only leave Israel ruling the world –read an UN-censored Talmud –if you can find one edition.

14-06-23 16:13

The last paragraph is the most fearful and as I live in the UK I can vouch for the fact the UK media is completely silent in telling the public the truth .

Not so in the 1960,s where during the cold war period the media produced maps of the effects of nuke explosions on various UK towns & cities –NOW complete silence — betrayed by our own media !

Signpost Shadow
Signpost Shadow
19-06-23 14:01

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