According to a new study about climate change, the Pentagon is the “single largest producer of greenhouse gases in the world.

Brown University’s ‘Costs of War’ project, focused specifically on “post-9/11 wars” and their impact on emissions. It estimates the US military has been responsible for 1,212 million metric tons of greenhouse gases between 2001 and 2017.

Emissions from overseas contingency operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria accounted for more than 400 million metric tons of Co2. In 2017 alone, the Pentagon’s emissions were greater than all emissions from Sweden or Denmark.

The researchers criticized the Pentagon for acknowledging the threat of climate change to national security, but failed to acknowledge that its own fuel use is a major contributor.

The study found seven major sources of greenhouse gas emissions relating to US military activities, including from installations and non-war operations, war-related emissions and emissions from the production of weapons.

Emissions caused by the reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure in war zones and the deliberate burning of oil wells and refineries by the US regime have also been factored in.

The US military must urgently reduce their role in creating greenhouse gas emissions as a matter of national security, the report urged, concluding that if it takes bold actions to reduce fossil fuel use, there could be enormous positive implications for the climate.

RT/ com / ABC Flash Point WW III Blog Site News 2019.

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08-02-21 00:16

They are also the producers of the largest bloodbaths in the world.

Samir Bunga
Samir Bunga
Reply to  baronmaya
03-06-21 19:51

Keeps invading and never stops until they are taken out of the equation?

Don Chien
Don Chien
16-03-22 18:10

Polluting while killing, what more can we ask for?