US Defense Secretary Mark Esper has confirmed that US troops and tanks are being relocated to an oil rich region in Syria, in another u-turn on President Trump’s promise to bring soldiers home.

The change in plan was confirmed by Esper on Friday when he admitted that Washington aims to send mechanized forces in Syria to take over the oil facilities in Deir Ezzor from ISIS.

Instead of bringing soldiers home, it turns out that the USA will send even more troops to the area, in order to ensure that the oil is totally secured.

On Friday, Esper told other NATO defense ministers in Brussels that the USA is “taking some actions … to strengthen our position at Deir Ezzor, to ensure that we can deny Assad access to the oil fields.”

While Esper did not provide any more details on the issue, some media reports suggest that some Abrams tanks might be deployed to the area. The exact number of troops to be sent on this new mission is also still unknown.

Syria has previously condemned any US troop presence on its territory as an illegal foreign invasion, no different than that of ISIS.

While the remaining scattered ISIS mercenaries seem unlikely to take or even threaten an oil field, the presence of US troops will prevent the Syrian people from using it to rebuild their devastated country.

News Punch / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2019.

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