The US military is becoming increasingly defenseless against their new enemy from within, now US war veterans are committing suicide on a large-scale.

America is forever researching and developing new weapons for ‘defending’ itself against imaginary enemies. Yet it seems to have been taken unawares by a deadly new adversary in the form of suicide in their own ranks.

US soldiers are unable to come to grips with the unspeakable horrors they must commit and face as enemy combatants on most foreign battlefields, far from home.

Destroying entire villages, including their citizens and families that lived there, the flashbacks are killing US servicemen @ home, as they are neglected by their own US government.

The tragic reality, however, is that many Americans never actually come to grips with their war-time experiences, opting to cut their own lives short instead. Nearly every hour one former US soldier commits suicide to escape the horrors they were forced to commit.

From 2004 to 2008, the US Army witnessed something completely unprecedented in modern times: suicide rates among active and non-active troops surged 80%. By 2012, the tragic irony was that US soldiers were actually more likely to die as a result of suicide than at the hands of a foreign enemy.

And it is certainly no coincidence that the spectacular spike in suicides began not long after the US began two costly and protracted wars, one in Afghanistan and the other in Iraq. The war crimes committed can not be dialed back.

The War in Afghanistan (2001-present), which is set to surpass the Vietnam War as the longest US military operation in the nation’s relatively short history, and the Iraq War (2003-2011).

The battle for Afghanistan’s riches rank as the fifth-longest US military operation of all time, inflicted a tremendous toll of death and destruction on the Afghan and Iraqi people, while leaving behind a deep psychological scar on the American psyche.

For all too many Americans, the “terrors of life” are great indeed, as some 20 veterans commit suicide every single day. This astonishing number accounts for 18% of the total suicide deaths in the country, yet veterans only represent 8.5% of the adult population.

In other words, US veterans have paid a very heavy price for those highly controversial military operations in the Middle East and Central Asia.

After all, following many years of non-stop warfare, not even the mightiest nation on the planet can expect to remain physically and mentally sound for very long. Eventually something must give. And it appears it already has.

This week, the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America placed 5,520 American flags – one for each of the active-duty military personnel and veterans who have committed suicide so far this year – on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

The answer is to never allow your citizens to be life-long warriors in plundered lands in the first place. Then there will be no reason to create over-stressed, overworked veterans who will never be able to live peacefully in the invaded countries they risked their lives for to defend again. / ABC Flash Point Military News 2018.

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Zionist Hope
Zionist Hope
03-03-21 21:45

US security for Israel is evaporating?