The extreme restrictions were placed on the largest US military base abroad after an American soldier tested positive for Corona-virus raging in South Korea, which became the second-hardest hit by the outbreak after mainland China.

According to the Financial Times, all garrisons were placed under lock-down, including Camp Humphreys located 70 km (43,5 miles) from South Korea’s capital Seoul, which is the largest US base on foreign soil.

The sudden changes came after a US soldier, an USFK employee and another “USFK-related person” tested positive for COVID-2019. Civilian employees and “non-essential” contractors can now be barred from entering the bases, and health screenings was increased.

The USFK comprises more than 28,500 troops, making it the largest concentration of US soldiers in a single foreign country.

A total of 256 new Corona-virus cases were reported in South Korea on Friday, bringing the number of patients there to over 2,000. The nation is now the second hardest-hit by the outbreak after mainland China, where the outbreak originated.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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