President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he would declare himself the winner of the 2020 election “only when there’s victory,” acknowledging that “there’s no reason to play games.”

The remarks from the president came in the morning hours of Election Day in an interview on “Fox & Friends,” during which he was asked when exactly he planned on declaring victory over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Polls opened early Tuesday as voters across the U.S. cast their ballots in person in the 2020 election, with former Vice President Joe Biden looking to unseat President Trump in the race for the White House, while Democrats hope to regain control of the Senate.

Nearly 100 million people voted before Election Day as early and mail-in voting was expanded in many states due to the ongoing Corona-virus pandemic, which has killed more than 230,000 Americans and infected over 9 million.

Polls have consistently shown that Joe Biden does better with those who vote by mail, while President Trump does better with those who vote in person, meaning that in some states tonight we will potentially see early leads that aren’t reflective of what the final margin will be.

With 2/3 of the votes declared ABC News said that the president “will be ahead on election night, probably getting 280 electoral [votes], somewhere in that range, and then they’re going to try to steal it back after the election.”

Every state tabulates its results differently. Some states have mostly finished counting mail and absentee ballots, while others will tally these votes later in the process. For an explanation of why we might not have final results tonight and why that’s not a reason to worry.

Democrats have warned in recent weeks that Trump could seek to distort the results of the election and take advantage of delays in the reporting of vote counts, which are expected to take longer to process due to the expansion of mail-in balloting amid the Corona-virus pandemic.

For now the president is leading the popular vote with 54%, with Biden choking on 46%. With 15 states closing the polls @ 9 ‘o clock, this moment Trump leading the electoral votes with 13 to7.

ABC Flash Point Election News 2020.

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03-11-20 21:05

Trump looks to be remaining in office?