Former US President Donald Trump blasted Senate Republicans for striking a deal with their Democratic counterparts on a near $1 trillion infrastructure package.

Trump took particular aim at Republican Senator Mitt Romney, calling the latter a “super RINO” – a popular acronym for Republican In Name Only – a term used by some to describe Republicans who are perceived to legislate in a similar way to Democrats.

Despite not holding any office, Trump reportedly continues to wield significant influence over the Republican Party, threatening GOP lawmakers with his opposition at primary elections should they go through with the so-called Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework (BIF) deal.

The BIF, whose price tag would reach $1.2 trillion if extended for eight years, includes some $40 billion on bridge repair and rehabilitation, while $17.5 billion will be invested in projects that are either too large or too complex for traditional funding programs.

Also, about $39 billion will be invested to modernize transit and to improve accessibility for the elderly and for people with disabilities. Some $73 billion will be devoted to clean drinking water and $21 billion will go to environmental remediation in the nation.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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31-07-21 21:08

He’s right. The US loses on this one. Big time. AND, there is NO MONEY to pay for this pork appaloosa bill.

Reply to  TruePatriot
31-07-21 21:08

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