As the Corona-virus crisis escalates the US’s health protection agency has urged mourners to change drastically the way they say goodbye to loved ones – by live-streaming their funerals.

This is not because of a risk of being infected from a deceased person whose cause of death was Corona-virus -related, the CDC said there was no evidence to suggest this was possible.

Dr David Berendes, an epidemiologist at CDC, told the webinar: As you think about planning for the event, limit the number of people if possible, use live-streaming options and perhaps have only immediately family on hand.

The CDC had earlier recommended limiting gatherings to no more than 50 people, while US President Donald Trump said gatherings should be no larger than 10 people.

This is particularly crucial for events where many guests are considered vulnerable, either because they’re over 70 years old or because of underlying health conditions.

BBC / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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18-03-20 20:05

The World in a Nutshell, is going to be tested before the final countdown? Even funerals cannot be attended anymore?