More than a century has passed since the discovery of the first viruses, but entering the second century of virology, we can finally start focusing beyond our own planet.

Viruses are infectious agents that replicate inside the living cells of other organisms. They can infect anything, from animals and plants to microorganisms like bacteria.

The team behind the study believes that because more viruses exist on Earth than any other cellular organism, they should exist on other planets, too.

With this research, scientists hope to inspire integration of virus research into astrobiology and also point out pressing unanswered questions in astrovirology, particularly regarding the detection of virus bio-signatures and whether viruses could be spread extra-terrestrially.”

But beware of “astrobiology”, it could be part of the Rothschild cabal’s global mind-control program. Check out Lynn Rothschild, who gives lectures in “astrobiology” at such places as Buckingham Palace and the Vatican.

Whatever they tell you about space invasions and such is just a bunch of kabbalistic lies to control your thinking.

From outer space and pharma labs sponsored by well known foundations. Yes, produced in the laboratories of DARPA and other Western military agencies.

God sometimes has a strange sense of humor, there are a subspecies of parasites that pretend be immortal. Its long been thought the flu virus comes from space and infects us. With each passing comet we get new viruses.

The USA did make Aids under the special cancer virus program. And Bird Flu. But natural flu is believed to be from outer space and then travels the atmosphere down to infect us. / ABC Flash Point Biology News 2018.

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Sephardic Jew
Sephardic Jew
03-07-20 06:51

Makes Corona look like child play?