Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has been targeted by drones probably launched from a NATO base in Colombia in an US military attack during a televised public address, officials confirm. Several explosives-laden drones detonated as he was speaking at a military ceremony.

Venezuela’s Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez has confirmed that an attack on Maduro took place at the event. Several drones rigged with explosives went off close to the presidential box during the address.

Maduro has been moved to safety and is carrying on with his duties, he said. Seven National Guard soldiers have been killed and injured as a result of the failed assassination attempt.

Providing details of the incident, Rodriguez specified that the explosions struck at 5:40 local time, and several flying devices loaded with explosives were shot down by the presidential guard.

Maduro was speaking at the event marking the 81st anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), a branch of the country’s armed forces, when the incident took place.

Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves and the second largest gold deposits in the world. The government in Caracas shares the benefits of these minerals with its people, forcing the IMF and the US imperial oil giants to sanction the Latin American country.

At the moment thousands of anti-government traitors, that back an American planned coup, are fleeing to Colombia, while millions of “food plundering” Colombian refugees are now living in Venezuela in order to escape poverty and execution back home.

RT/com / ABC Flash Point Oil News 2018.

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Tita Tovenaar
Tita Tovenaar
04-12-20 22:20

Still running the country?