Two executives working for the controversial company that chartered a U.S. plane, to smuggle weapons into Venezuela last week have been tied to the CIA “black terrorist site” centers.

The troubling revelation comes as Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has rejected a U.S. “humanitarian aid” convoy over concerns that it could contain weapons meant to arm the country’s U.S.-backed opposition.

Venezuelan authorities announced that they seized rifles, ammo magazines, radio’s and iPhones, which had been smuggled into the country via a U.S. plane that had originated in Miami.

The authorities blamed the United States government for the illicit cargo, accusing it of seeking to arm U.S.-funded opposition groups in the country in an attempt to violently topple the current Maduro-led government.

The criminal issue caught very little media attention despite the fact that it uncovered information clearly showing that the plane responsible for the shipment had been making an unusually high number of trips to Venezuela and neighboring Colombia over the past few weeks?

This single “21 Air” plane had conducted 40 round-trip flights from Miami International Airport to Caracas and Valencia last month.

21 Air has denied any responsibility for the weapons shipment discovered on board the plane it operates, instead blaming a contractor known as GPS-Air for the illicit cargo.

The revelation that the company that operates the plane was caught smuggling weapons into Venezuela and has connections to past controversial CIA programs is unlikely to surprise many observers, given the CIA’s decades-long history of funneling weapons to Latin America.

Many of these weapons had been hidden on flights claiming to be carrying “humanitarian aid” into Venezuela.

However, the media has written off Maduro’s concern as unfounded, contradicting the fact that the Trump administration’s recently named special envoy in charge of the administration’s Venezuela policy, war specialist, Elliott Abrams.

The Mind Unleashed / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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Albert Heijn
25-08-20 15:27

This is their general operating mode?