The US coalition can’t get enough of showing off how well they are specialized in forbidden gas, biological and depleted uranium attacks in Arab countries where they are not able to win their proxy wars.

At least 46 people, including 8 children have been hospitalized in Aleppo with symptoms of gas poisoning from chlorine.

The hostile shelling that targeted residential areas of Aleppo on Saturday night is believed to have been launched from within the Idlib de-escalation zone, from an area controlled by the former Al-Nusra front.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry called on the UN Security Council to immediately condemn the “terrorist crimes,” and take “deterrent and punitive measures against the states and regimes backing terrorism.”

The attack was an attempt to damage the Syrian normalization process, according to Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova. She added that the shelling of Aleppo must be condemned by the international community, which has been silent of the incident so far.

Speaking of what terrorists can achieve by such actions, the analyst said that they want to show that the war is not over and boost morale among militants, as well as scare off Syrian refugees who fled the country from returning back home.

Russia has repeatedly stressed that the chemical attacks are staged and warned that Israeli terrorist groups are plotting to carry out more false flag chemical attacks in the Syrian Arab Republic. Call Netanyahu and ask him what it is all about.

Previously, the alleged chemical weapons attack in the city of Douma in April was another example, for which the West was quick to pin the blame on Damascus, was used as a pretext for F-UK-US missile strikes against Syria.

The US military occupies nearly 80% of the Syrian oil fields in order to take away possible Syrian income revenues.

Also Saudi Arabian sponsored terrorist groups in Syria are responsible, to divert everyones attention from the Khashoghi murders, at least it has worked by the US news agencies. / ABC Flash Point Invasion News 2018.

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