A Ukrainian armored group, including at least four US-supplied Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, has been destroyed, according to a video circulating on social media, which could not be independently verified.

On Saturday, several Telegram channels shared an undated 12-second clip showing a Russian tank driving past an alleged graveyard of Ukrainian heavy military equipment.


The video was purportedly filmed near the settlement of Rabotino in Russia’s Zaporozhye Region, some 50 km east of the Dnepr River.

The video features what appears to be a tightly packed group of four heavily damaged and abandoned Bradleys on flat terrain, with another vehicle – apparently a crippled Ukrainian Soviet-designed tank – visible in the distance.

It is unclear how exactly the armored group was destroyed.


According to the Pentagon, the US regime has supplied Ukraine with almost 200 Bradleys that were meant to bolster Kiev’s much-hyped counteroffensive against Russia, which Moscow says has so far failed to gain any ground.

Several Western media reports have suggested that Ukraine has suffered significant armor losses during the push, with Business Insider reporting last week that at least 34 Bradleys have now been visually confirmed as having been abandoned, damaged or destroyed.

On Thursday the Washington Post reported, citing sources, that about a dozen of troop transporting Bradley’s had been destroyed beyond repair, with many others sustaining varying degrees of damage.


However, Ukrainian service members’ repair efforts were said to be hampered by a lack of spare parts, which led to some Bradley’s being cannibalized and sent to neighboring Poland for more extensive repairs.

Last week another video went viral on social media showing Russian soldiers standing in front of a captured Bradley, with some service members thanking Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky for the gift.


Later, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that Moscow’s specialists could inspect the captured weaponry to delve into Western know-how.

Last week, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu estimated Ukraine’s losses since the start of the counteroffensive in June at about 3,000 pieces of military equipment and tens of thousands of service members.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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Mr Rodgen
Mr Rodgen
22-07-23 13:50

And yet the West still insist that Ukraine is winning… If war was about who runs out people, ammo and weapons first, then by no means Ukraine is the undisputed champion of this war.

Geo Con
Reply to  Mr Rodgen
22-07-23 13:53

According to the Zionist media Israel and the USA are always winning all their wars on planet Earth, but reality the Zionists lost them all. Since the Vietnam War, the USA went bankrupt, and changed or decoupled the gold standards in order to print monopoly money.

Reply to  Geo Con
22-07-23 13:56

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Previous Test
Previous Test
22-07-23 13:55

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Bob Jack
Bob Jack
22-07-23 13:57

US weapons are hype job, but all end up at the junkyard.