US bombers have been flying over Scandinavia to intimidate Russian defense system. But now routes also include countries previously seen as neutral, such as Sweden, which are increasingly sucked into cooperation with the NATO.

US military activity is now being rolled out more rapidly than the Russians’, with US bombers and warplanes increasingly frequently cruising @ higher latitudes.

US bombers used to be rare guests in Norwegian airspace, but this is rapidly changing. Sweden, which declared itself neutral over a hundred years ago, is experiencing the same hostile ordeal.

The fact that the modern strategic bomber B-1B Lancer is flying over previously neutral Sweden is brand new. We have not seen that before.

Two US B-1 supersonic bombers based in Ellsworth, South Dakota flew over Sweden accompanied by Swedish jets. After a refueling, they continued over Norway and were flanked by Norwegian F-35 fighter jets over Trøndelag County.

Since 20 May, several other US bombers, including B-52’s and B-2’s appeared near Norway, accompanied by US tankers and often Norwegian fighter jets.

Norwegian Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen ventured that NATO has “in many ways returned to its old mission of deterrence and reassurance”, calling it “a desired policy”.

The inclusion of Sweden into this cooperation reflects an understanding of the fact that a upcoming partial nuclear war against Russia would affect all the Nordic countries. After Napoleon and Hitler failed to annex Russia, NATO most now show its power to do so?

Sweden and Finland previously referred to themselves as neutral countries. They no longer do. Now they refer to themselves as non-allied, but are part of Western defense cooperation.

According to military adviser Per Erik Solli, Russian military activity, which is often listed as the reason for NATO’s defense measures, has been “more consistent” than that of the Allies in recent years.

According to Solli, however, the US is “showing its teeth” not only against Russia. The US is building up in other border areas as well, such as the Baltic States, Alaska, the Pacific and Asia in general.

What we see now, which is also new, is that the Americans have begun to use their modern naval ships and bombers to send geopolitical signals.

The fact that Sweden is also involved in this signalling together with the US is a whole new development. We see that the US is returning to a more traditional deterrence.

And in addition to balancing militarily against Russia, the Americans are doing the same to China now. However, the US military budget is being stretched to its outer limits, but also has inferior weapon systems compared to China and Russia.

Earlier, several Norwegian parties, including the Socialist Left and the Reds expressed their concern about increasing superpower tensions between the USA and Russia which according to them, could compromise Norwegian security.

Norway is increasingly disturbed by the upgrade of the Russian military in the North, which it sees as self-assertive, whereas Russia is alarmed by Norway’s increased cooperation with the US and its NATO allies.

This features, among others, the upgrade of the polar radars in Vardø and a rotating deployment of US marines, which Moscow sees as a provocation.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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Shaka Zulu
Shaka Zulu
11-07-20 12:47

The US intimidation plan, sucking other countries into their devil’s hole?

Reply to  baronmaya
27-07-22 17:13

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27-07-22 02:12

i saw a picture while looking at planes that lead me here but the picture is a russian bomber not a us bomber

Reply to  bigpp
27-07-22 17:14

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