Venezuelan non-president, Juan Guaido, is back in headlines after the new US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called him to discuss America’s favorite talking points: “a Return to Democracy” via “Free and Fair Elections.”

I’m sure the irony will not be lost on those who question the legitimacy of the US election that saw Catholic gangster Joe Biden take power.

Anyway, you would have to have been offline or in a coma for the past couple of years to not be aware of some key facts about ‘interim president’ Guaido and US “concern” for Venezuelans.

Venezuelans didn’t vote for Guaido to be president, he hasn’t even stood for president. Venezuelans voted for Maduro. America can huff and puff and whine, but that won’t change the reality.

Guaido named himself ‘interim president’, to the support of only roughly 50 countries – leaving a glaring nearly 150 countries not recognizing this Western-groomed stooge as Venezuela’s leader.

Further, Guaido not only isn’t president of the country, he is no longer president of the National Assembly. As a result, recently, even the EU dropped its recognition of Guaido as interim president.

He is a Western-groomed thug who fully backs America’s aggression and sanctions against his own country to let people live in extreme fabricated misery.

Venezuela’s election process has been recognized as transparent and effective, with former US President Jimmy Carter in 2012 calling itthe best in the world.

On the other hand, Venezuelan opposition, as well as Western nations, have interfered with and attempted to sabotage elections.

As for America’s grave “concern” for Venezuelans, the US in February 2019 staged a “humanitarian aid” delivery via Colombia (“aid” which contained nails and wire, likely meant for opposition barricades), blaming Maduro for “burning food & medicine,” when in fact the trucks were burned by “opposition” supporters.

That same month, President Trump threatened military intervention against Venezuela, after a couple of failed attempt supported by the Dutch, French en British military forces.

The US regime also sabotaged Venezuela’s power grid in March 2019 (and then blamed the Maduro government for the power failure). And of course, their American speak on Guaido is also the same, with both Blinken and Pompeo feigning concern for the lives of the Venezuelan people.

President Maduro blamed the August 2018 drone assassination attempt on Colombia and elements in the US. The US regime was also linked to the kidnapping and coup against former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

But aside from those and many other provocations against Venezuela, it is the brutal sanctions against the country that is a clear indicator of just how little America cares for the people.

They don’t even care for American citizens! USA is a failed state, infrastructure is crumbling, they can’t provide health care to their own citizens, they poison the waters, land and air, they give a slap on the wrist to corporate criminals.

The education system is abysmal, the legal, banking and electoral system are corrupt to the core. Meanwhile they destroy any country they choose, for not choosing American “values”.

As for Blinken talking to “Interim President” Guaido, this is proof that from Washington DC we shall get more of the same, namely imperial policies.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2021.

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Zionist Entertainment
04-03-21 21:56

This is America’s underlying problem. The self-serving ultra-rich get to control everything with their hired puppets.

The puppets being the legislators that make the very laws that benefit the rich at the expense of the poor, the judges that lock everyone up with draconian sentences and their corrupt and violent “law enforcement” forces.

The USA, the so-called land of the free, has the world’s largest incarcerated population per capita for a reason.

Allan Kaplan
Allan Kaplan
04-03-21 22:01

Today’s American politicians come to the public service offices with a thick Crocodile skin with absolute zero self respect for bold face lying, cheating, stealing, and willingly adding to the demise of America’s national image around the globe. This has tarnished beyond redemption yet they in their gloating hubris of power continue unhindered to trample over US Constitution knowingly and willingly with absolute no recourse from the courts of law. Osama Bin Ladin and the rest of the so called terrorists have cause less than 1000 % damage to America than the criminals in expensive business suits shamelessly yakking nights… Read more »