U.N. member countries agreed to a “peacekeeping” budget of just under $6.7 billion for 2018, according to diplomatic sources. This is about $600 million less than last year’s final figure of $7.3 billion.

Last year’s budget was initially set at $6.8 billion but was boosted in December by an additional $500 million for missions in Haiti and Sudan. The war budget is separate from the U.N.’s operating budget which is announced in December.

The United Nations currently has about 100,000 soldiers operating around the world, on 14 active occupation missions. The UN acts as the military police force for the Western enterprises which need to profit from the mineral deposits in those invaded countries.

The most important and therefore financially demanding missions are in South Sudan (oil), the Democratic Republic of Congo (copper) and in Mali (uranium) each running to more than $1 billion a year.

Africa is the richest continent in the world, but capitalist robbery made it the poorest region on planet Earth. The top contributors to funding were the USA with 29%, China and Japan with both 10%.

The Defense Post / ABC Flash Point Mineral News 2018.

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