Head of the national team to monitor the ceasefire and redeployment in Hodeida, Maj. Gen. Ali Hammoud Al-Moshki, called on the United Nations team to provide de-mining equipment to reduce crimes against civilians.

This came during his meeting on Sunday with the head and members of the United Nations team to inform them on crimes that happened as a result of the coalition’s targeting of civilian objects.


Al-Moshki affirmed that the team did not see any international seriousness regarding the crimes of the coalition and the human tragedy, as most of the southern neighborhoods of the city of Hodeida being contaminated with mines and remnants of the coalition war.

The meeting reviewed the presence of elements of al-Qaeda and ISIS in the coalition-held territories and the UAE’s support for them, which constitutes a threat to international navigation, security and stability.


For his part, the head of the UN mission in Hodeida, General Michael Beary, said, the mission is drafting a memorandum as a plan to facilitate mine clearance work.

Today, a resident aged 35 was killed in Yemen when a landmine left over by the US-backed Saudi-led coalition forces went off in Hodeida province.


In a statement issued today, the Executive Center for Mine Action stated that a person had died as a result of a mine explosion left behind by the coalition forces in Al-Hawk district of Hodeida.

The center also reported that three citizens, including a child, were injured when a mine left over by the coalition forces went off in Al-Hawk district.

It is noteworthy that Hodeida province topped the statistics of the victims of the leftover of the coalition war during the year 2022, with 355 civilians, including 218 wounded, while the number of dead reached 137, most of them children.

YPA / ABC Flash Point News 2023.

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29-01-23 15:32

Stop the genocide right now, this has been going on since 2015? The same with Syria, mass ethnic cleansing campaign going on since 2010.

29-01-23 15:32

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