UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that the situation inJerusalem affects the whole world, adding that there is a pressing need to stay away from unilateral and provocative actions.

In a speech to in Arab League’s session in support of Jerusalem, Guterres stressed that the United Nations’ position is clear and that the status of Jerusalem cannot be changed through unilateral measures, including Israeli settlement activities.


The UN chief added that this issue can be settled only through negotiations between the parties. The historical and demographic status of Jerusalem must be preserved, adding that it is also important to preserve the sacred land that falls under Jordanian control.

The United Nations, he continued, is committed to the measures taken by the Palestinians and the Israelis towards ending the occupation as well as the two-state solution so as to enhance stability and dignity for everyone.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Sunday Palestine will seek a UN Security Council resolution to protect the two-state solution.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas attends the 43rd Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on December 09, 2022. [Royal Court of Saudi Arabia - Anadolu Agency]

Addressing a conference hosted by the Arab League in the Egyptian capital Cairo on providing support to the city of Jerusalem, Abbas called on Israel to abide by UN resolutions and signed agreements with the Palestinians.


We will go to the United Nations and its different agencies, including the Security Council, to counter the Israeli practices that violated all red lines of humanity.

We will demand the issuance of a resolution for protecting the two-state solution by granting Palestine full UN membership, and halting Israel’s unilateral actions, atop of which is the settlement building.

Middle East Monitor / ABC Flash-Point News 2023.

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