The UN, which prompted the creation of the Israeli occupation, failed to protect the Palestinians from all forms of terrorism practiced against them on a daily basis for more than 72 years.

Nor did the UN help them restore their rights to liberation, independence and self-determination, which is part of one of its long-standing principles. This failure will continue haunting the United Nations until it makes things right and rectify this mistake.

Referring to an official event held on Monday in commemoration of the UN’s establishment in 1945, Hamas said, “No one unfortunately addressed the catastrophic failure of the international body… to replace the rule of force with the rule of law.”

However, it seems that this rule does not apply to the Israeli occupation. The ongoing Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people is one of the major reasons behind the failure to bring about international peace and security.

Hamas further expressed hope that “the UN, as per its foundational principles, seriously help our people restore their rights to freedom and independence and end the Israeli occupation.”

“We also hope that peace and prosperity will prevail around the globe and the dreams of all humanity to eradicate poverty, unemployment, racism, and illiteracy come true.”

PressTV / ABC Flash Point News 2020.

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