Fifty-four UN member states issued a statement this week coming out in defense of China for building more than 1,000 concentration camps used to imprison, indoctrinate, rape, torture, and kill Muslims.

That makes perfect sense when you understand that the bulk of member nations are run by thugs, dictators, monarchs, and authoritarians — just the sort of “leaders” who abhor the personal liberty and freedoms like guaranteed to Americans in their Constitution.

China has built hundreds of concentration camps in western Xinjiang province – home to the nation’s Muslim Uyghur ethnic minority – since late 2017, which it has used to imprison up to 3 million Uyghurs, Kazakhs, and Kyrgyz Muslims.

However, Beijing is describing such camps more as for building a “stronger sense of happiness” throughout the country.

The mostly Kazakhs and Uyghurs who survived the camps and are married to foreign nationals who made appeals for their freedom abroad, said that they were subjected to regular beatings and forced sterilization.

Some have also accused Beijing of using camp prisoners as slave labor to manufacture goods that are sold all over the world, including in the USA. And of course, many of these prisoners have reportedly been sex slaves for camp guards or subjected to organ trade.

President Trump has made reversing China’s economic gains made at America’s expense a top priority. He understands that the Asian giant has become America’s biggest rival and near-peer competitor.

He also knows that, at its core, the UN is a corrupt and a worthless Zionist organization which the members and its ‘allies’ have just proven. Again.

News Target. com / ABC Flash Point Blog 2019.

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Jerry Syder
Jerry Syder
13-01-22 09:08

So the US tech companies can further exploit low wage slaves in the territory?