A hospital in the capital of the Donetsk People’s Republic caught fire on Sunday after Ukrainian troops shelled Donetsk, injuring people and prompting evacuation, the city’s mayor said.

Witnesses are reporting a fire at Kalinin Hospital’s Building No 6. Numerous people are reported to be injured. A blaze was also reported at the complex’s Building No 2. Patients were being evacuate.


A member of the republican emergencies service told Sputnik that a total of three hospital buildings had been damaged in the shelling.

Later in the day, Alexei Kulemzin said that no open fire was found at the site of the shelling. Patients were being evacuated to hospital rooms in the remaining buildings, not outside the complex.


Denis Pushilin, the acting head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), confirmed the information on the shelling and said that the attack left one person critically wounded and several with moderate injuries. No medical personnel were injured.


Pushilin said late on Sunday that the badly-wounded patient died of his injuries.

Ukrainian armed forces have been firing at Donetsk from the village of Orlivka, to the northwest. Several rounds hit the hospital as well as a medical university, a market, a hostel and transport infrastructure, and shattered windows in residential blocs.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point WW III News 2022.

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