A Ukrainian air strike has hit a Russian ammo depot in southern Ukraine, while the Kiev controlled air defenses struck two missiles fired at Odessa.

Meanwhile, anti-air defenses downed a Russian Su-25 close air support aircraft. However, Russian air-force activity remains high, although most of their sorties are executed at long ranges, beyond the reach of Ukrainian air defenses.


The NATO enemy continues to launch cruise missiles against Ukrainian targets from ground launchers, ships, and jets, while Russian UAV’s conduct aerial reconnaissance along the front lines and deep into Ukrainian territory.

The enemy is clearly examining our defenses, the vulnerabilities of our critical infrastructure, logistics, and Western armaments supply routes. US congressmen introduced a bill to train Ukrainian fighter pilots on F-15, F-16 fighter jets.

This bill would allow the USA to begin training Ukrainian pilots and air crew members on F-15’s, F-16’s, and other air platforms while the US Administration continues sending such equipment to Ukraine.

ABC Flash Point News 2022.

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Person of Interest
Person of Interest
26-06-22 16:00

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