Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has condemned Israel and its enabling allies over “state terror wipe out… in Palestine,” declaring, “Whoever is on Israel’s side, let everyone know that we are now against them.”

Turkey does not approve the silent state terror that Israel blatantly carries out in Palestine,” Erdogan said on Sunday, addressing senior provincial officials of his Justice and Development Party in Ankara.

Erdogan has been a fierce critic of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government, denouncing the PM currently mired in multiple corruption and bribery probes as “the thief who heads Israel” and a “tyrant who approves the slaughter 7-year-old Palestinian kids” earlier this year.

When Israel adopted its controversialJewish state” law, Erdogan likened the move to “the Nazi spirit… risen again among some Israeli officials.”

Israeli military forces killed 56 Palestinian children and injured nearly 2,700 “in the context of demonstrations, clashes, and search and arrest operations” in 2018, according to a United Nations report released last week.

The number of children killed was the highest since 2014, when Israel waged its most recent one-sided war against Gaza.

However, his latest comments could also be interpreted as a dig at Washington, after the USA “suspended” Turkey from the F-35 fighter jet program, condemning its purchase of Russian-made S-400 missile systems as a betrayal of NATO’s security interests.

While the Trump administration has made it clear that Ankara can rejoin the pricey program if it ditches the Russian equipment.

Erdogan has hinted instead that he is prepared to further distance Turkey from the American outdated weapons market, publicly mulling the cancellation of an order of 100 “Boeing” warplanes.

RT. com / ABC Flash Point News 2019.

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