Truckloads of donations destined for earthquake victims in Turkiye were set on fire by arsonists at a Turkish supermarket near Dortmund, western Germany.

The arsonists were also filmed pulling down a Turkish flag which they threw into the blaze. The fire destroyed clothing donations for Turkish and Syrian earthquake victims, in what is suspected to be an arson attack in Germany.

In the German city of Recklinghausen, on Monday, arsonists were seen in online video footage breaking into a supermarket where clothes had been stored for earthquake victims in Turkiye and Syria, provided and collected by volunteers.

The man who runs the store, Vijay Raj, told local media that dreams of donating these clothes and funds were shattered when two young boys of European descent came into the supermarket and set it on fire.

It has not been confirmed whether the attack was politically or racially motivated, but there are suspicions that it may have been, as Raj and his staff also found two Turkish flags that we had hung thrown into the flames and burnt with the donation.

We were all very sad. Some of us cried because we spent hours arranging the donations and putting together care packages.

But because we are a community, people came together after the fire to salvage what we can and, thank God, the arsonists didn’t reach this back section where we had already packed some packages.

Raj and his store have decided to no longer accept any material donations, such as clothes, for the earthquake victims, instead asking for people to donate money which he will pass on to charities dealing with the victims on the ground.

The attack took place at a time when Germany, with a population of around 2.9 million Turks and around 924,000 Syrians, announced that it would offer temporary visas to relatives of existing Turkish migrants and Syrian refugees.

Germany wants to provide them a place to stay away from the areas affected by the earthquakes in south-east Turkiye and north-west Syria.

German Interior Minister, Nancy Faeser, who spoke to the Bild newspaper, called it emergency aid, stating that we want to allow Turkish or Syrian families in Germany to bring their close relatives from the disaster area to their homes without bureaucracy.

Relatives, friends and witnesses meet in front of and in the rooms of the victims' initiative 'saytheirnames' near the first crime scene at Heumarkt on the shooting's first anniversary on February 19, 2021 in Hanau, Germany [Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images]

While the German government holds that stance in an echo of the open-door policies of the previous government under former Chancellor Angela Merkel, there is, however, a rise of far-right and anti-migrant or refugee sentiment throughout the country.

It is reportedly so prevalent that, in December, German security forces arrested 25 far-right members who were suspected of plotting a coup to overthrow the government.

Far-right offences accounted for more than half of all politically motivated crimes and are at their highest level in 20 years since police started collecting data in 2001.

Middle East Monitor / ABC Flash Point Political Blog News 2023.

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Those Zionist career derailers could not let this opportunity go black?>

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The following countries pulled their ambassadors out of Turkey 24 hours before the earthquake? >>>>>>>>>>>>USA, Britain, Holland, Belgium, France, Canada, Germany and Italy!