Nuclear waste transportation form a risky business for public health, given the number of shipments of nuclear waste traveling around the world.

Especially Pregnant women could be exposed to ionizing radioactivity from nuclear waste shipped around the globe. “Pregnant women and the fetus and the womb should not be exposed to any ionizing radioactivity if it can be avoided.

In the USA, nuclear waste is secretly shipped past Americans all the time without many of us knowing it. Even waste passing by on a train is emitting radioactive particulates, and some of those can have negative consequences over time.

It’s like an X-ray machine and it will cause harm. Nurses often ask patients to wear protective aprons while taking X-rays to minimize exposure to the radiation, since X-rays are technically a carcinogen according to the World Health Organization.

Medical News Today has reported that approximately 0.4% of cancers in the USA are triggered by CT scans. (CT scans use X-rays and computer imagery to generate pictures of the body to help doctors with diagnoses).

In France, on average, exterior, or external contamination was 500 times the permissible amount of contamination on one-third of the shipments.

Sputnik / ABC Flash Point Nuclear News 2018.

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22-05-20 04:47

Some entities think they are so smart, nobody can hurt them?